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Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Fall begins at 4:02PM today - No one told Summer

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | High late season temps with low storm chances

Chris Johnson's Forecast | The late season warmth continues

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Late summer pattern rolls on

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Summer-like temps remain

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Steamy temps and scattered storms continue

Hurricane Maria again very dangerous Category 5 storm

Dust devil sparks up in lot of Jessamine County bus garage

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Storm chances increase today

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Storms join our summer pattern

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Final days of Summer are here

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Warm conditions stick around, storm chances return

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Weekend warmth continues, storm chances ahead

Chris Johnson's Forecast | The warm weekend weather continues

Chris Johnson's Forecast | A nice but warm weekend

Chris Bailey's Forecast | Summer makes a final stand

Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Final weekend of summer is near

Chris Johnson's Forecast | Irma leaves town, a surge of warmth ahead

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