Remembrances continue to pour in for legendary coach S.T. Roach

Many people across central Kentucky are mourning the death of a legendary basketball coach.

Former Dunbar High School basketball coach S.T. Roach died Thursday. He was 94 years old.

He was a leader in integrating high school basketball in central Kentucky during the 1950s.

He became a legend coaching the old Dunbar High School in Lexington for 22 seasons.

Roach won 512 games at Dunbar, making six trips to the Sweet Sixteen. His Bearcats were state runners-up in 1963.

Roach faced many obstacles along the way as he coached in times of segregation, and he led Dunbar into integration.

Roach also became the first African-American member of the UK Athletics Board in 1974.

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry said Roach taught important lessons in civil rights, leadership, ethics, sports, and academics.

Governor Steve Beshear called Roach a "legendary" force in helping Kentucky move forward through integrated schools.

Ken Trivett, the executive director of the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches, said coaches and our community as a whole could learn much from Mr. Roach's example.

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