Owners determing where to bury Barbaro's ashes

BALTIMORE (AP) - Horse owner Gretchen Jackson says she and her
husband Roy are close to deciding where they will bury Barbaro's
The 2006 Kentucky Derby champion was euthanized last Jan. 29
after a heroic eight-month battle by veterinarians to save him from
the leg injury he suffered during the Preakness in Baltimore.
Gretchen Jackson tells The (Baltimore) Sun that she and husband
will make a decision on a burial location after they choose an
artist to create a statue of the horse.
Soon after Barbaro's death, Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky.,
and the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky., were among the
places that offered burial sites. The Jacksons said last year they
were also considering a memorial in their home state, Pennsylvania,
possibly at a horse racing museum. Gretchen Jackson now says the
museum idea has been shelved.