UK Coach Answers Lincoln County Woman's "Call" For Help

The “General Store” has been somewhat of a legendary call in radio shows for years in the Lincoln County area.

People call in with almost anything you can think of to buy or sell. But one recent call was quite different.

“Someone even made the comment; you could hear the despair in her voice,” said Morning Show Announcer Jayme Phillips of the caller.

A woman said she needed to sell her car to pay for a trip to Cleveland to attend her father's funeral.

“She wasn't asking for help. That's what makes this so unique. She wasn't on there begging for help,” said Phillips.

Later, the host took another call in response.

“She answered the phone. The guy said, ‘Renee, my name is Billy and I would like to help this lady out’.”

That “Billy” turned out to be none other than Billy Gillispie and sure enough, after the call for help turned to be legit, a check arrived from the UK coach himself.

Announcers say why Billy Gillispie was listening to a "buy-sale-trade" call in show an hour’s drive from Lexington isn't important.

“He just heard a need, and like Renee said, it really didn't matter who he was. He was just a man with a kind heart and he just did the right thing.”

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