Pryor Gained Attention, Lost Weight With TD Run

Huffing and puffing for 72 yards can take a lot of
out a man. On Sunday, it took about 6 pounds off Kentucky defensive
lineman Myron Pryor.
Pryor clinched Kentucky's 27-2 win over archrival Louisville
last week by scooping up a fumble and chugging to the end zone. His
celebration was muted, maybe because he couldn't breathe. Moments
after the biggest play of his career, Pryor vomited onto the
Cardinal Stadium turf.
Pryor's efforts were rewarded Tuesday with the Southeastern
Conference defensive player of the week award - the first time
since 1992 a Kentucky lineman had achieved that distinction.
As for the run, Pryor said he got plenty of congratulations
along with a few stylistic tips. Eventually, he took his phone off
the hook.
"I was trying to run as fast as I could, and afterward my legs
were burned out," he said. "To do that and be in the spotlight on
TV makes me proud. Afterward, people kept telling me to kick my
knees up to go faster."
Cornerback David Jones joked that he didn't realize just how
slow Pryor's run was until he saw the replay on TV.
"I thought they had it in slow motion," Jones said. "He did a
good job."