UK Offense Looking for Consistency

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's record might be perfect through
two games, but that doesn't mean coach Rich Brooks agrees.
The Wildcats spent Tuesday ironing out on problems ahead of
Saturday's game against Middle Tennessee. Brooks said his team has
made way too many mistakes, particularly in the passing game.
"We're trying to get better at what we do," Brooks said. "We
made way too many mistakes in the first two games and we're trying
to eliminate those."
Freshman quarterback Randall Cobb said that he had his share of
slip-ups during the 38-3 drubbing of Norfolk State, a strong
offensive performance that he helped spark.
"I think I played horrible," Cobb said. "Overall it's not
good enough."
Brooks said that Cobb was doing a good job acknowledging his
mistakes, especially for a true freshman.
"I think Randall has a pretty good grasp on reality and he
knows he didn't do the things that he was supposed to do in the
game quite a few times," Brooks said. "The good thing is that he
didn't get caught up in the hype and he knows what he needs to do
to get better. And he certainly has a lot of things to do that he
needs to get better. The one thing that I'm very confident about
him is that usually you don't have to tell him two or three times
about what he needs to do better because he's very conscientious
about those things."
Even a flawless performance by Cobb against Middle Tennessee
won't keep him from seizing the starting job on a permanent basis.
"(Cobb and quarterback Mike Hartline) compete and help each
other and that's the way it has to be," Brooks said. "As I said,
we need them both and we're only one injury away from only having
one, and who knows which one it would be."

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