WKU-UK game pits father against son

When Western Kentucky comes to Commonwealth Stadium this Saturday, it'll be more than a football game for Chuck Smith and his family.

Smith, UK's linebackers coach, must get his players ready to face the Hilltoppers. That means scheming against his own son.

Brandon Smith is a junior at WKU. Smith, who played for his father at Boyle Co., is listed as the backup quarterback for the Hilltoppers. Smith has played in two games this season, completing 2 of three pass attempts.

"He's going to be on the opposite side of the ball and we're trying to beat them. He's trying to beat us, so we'll have to put all things aside on game day," Brandon said, when asked about going against his father's team.

"He's very competitive. I'm very competitive. But it'll be a chance for me to see him," Chuck said, after UK's pratice on Tuesday.

What about mom? It would seem she's caught in the middle.

"She's having more trouble with it than both of us," Brandon said of his mom, Jackie. "I'm sure she'll be rooting against him. That's just how she is. She'll be rooting for me, 100 percent."

"That would be like asking a parent, that has more than one child, which child do you like best. It's not a fair question," Chuck countered.

Both father and son admit the relationship brings a different aspect to Saturday's game.

"I'm excited about it. We'll both be happy, however it turns out," Chuck said.