Brooks Calls Tide: "Borderline Great Team"

Don't tell Rich Brooks that Alabama isn't
the best team in the country.
Despite being undefeated through four games, Brooks stressed
Monday that Saturday's game at No. 2 Alabama will be a huge
obstacle for the Wildcats against not just a strong Southeastern
Conference opponent, but a "borderline great team."
Brooks hailed Alabama's domination through five games this
season, including the Crimson Tide's drubbing of Georgia last
Saturday. Though Brooks admits the Wildcats will have to play a
"near perfect" game to win, he doesn't expect his team to be a
pushover by any means.
"We're not going to be cannon fodder like we were in other
years," he said.
If the Wildcats want to stay close, they'll have to do it with
defense. The Wildcats have not allowed a rushing touchdown this
season and have given up just two touchdowns total so far.
Their play has gotten the attention of Alabama coach Nick Saban,
who called the Wildcat defense the best in the nation.
Brooks, for his part, was still unsure about that.
"We will have to see whether our ability to really stop the run
has improved against a team that takes great pride in lining up and
telling you they're going to bloody your nose and then going about
bloodying your nose time after time, after time, after time,"
Brooks said.
In Alabama (5-0, 2-0 SEC), the Wildcats will face a radical
change in offensive schemes. Kentucky's last two opponents - Middle
Tennessee State and Western Kentucky - both used a spread offense
with mixed success. Alabama uses what Brooks called an effective
"football 101."
Despite that, linebacker Johnny Williams said the Kentucky
defense will be looking forward to something more basic.
"A lot of teams run the same types of plays out of those
offenses, and with our defense, we got a lot of experience out
there and we know how it looks," Williams said. "When you know
what's coming, you know the tendencies a little better."
Kentucky has relied on its defense to bail out the less
experienced offense at times this year. Quarterback Mike Hartline,
though, has managed to stick to mistake-free football and has kept
the offense from self-destructing. The Wildcats still lack
consistency in what can be an explosive running game.
"I don't want to say (the defense) will carry the day, but I do
believe that we'll come out and play well," defensive tackle Corey
Peters said. "I think the offense is improving every week. They've
come light years since camp. If we have to carry them, we're
prepared to do so, but hopefully that won't be the case."
Offensive tackle Justin Jeffries is out indefinitely with a torn
MCL in his knee sustained in the Wildcats' win over Western
Kentucky. Linebacker Micah Johnson, defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin
and quarterback Randall Cobb will all practice lightly this week
but are doubtful for Saturday's game.
Strong safety Ashton Cobb has been suspended from the university
after being arrested Friday for allegedly sending threatening text
and voicemail messages to his ex-girlfriend.