Hartline Talks About Benching, Respects Coaches Decision

"It Stinks", that's what former starting quarterback Mike Hartline had to say about his benching in favor of freshman quarterback Randall Cobb. Monday, University of Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks announced Cobb would start this weekend's game against Mississippi State. The cats hit the practice field today to prepare for Saturday showdown against Mississippi State. It was a different feeling for Cobb taking the snaps, but it's a position every player wants to be in despite the circumstances, " any guy doesn't play to be a back-up, you always want to fight to move forward, it's every competitors mentality...to be a backup you have to take your role keep fighting on" Cobb said.
As for former starter Mike Hartline, going back to the back-up roll isn't a change he's to happy about, "it stinks", Hartline said, "you don't every expect to win the starting job and then lose it cause guys around me aren't performing the way they should, it's disappointing, but it's what's best for the team and i'm a team player, way it has to be."
Wildcats coach Rich Brooks was quick to point out he understood how hard have the starting job taken away has to be for Hartline, "Mike is obviously disappointed, when your starting QB and then your not the starting QB, i'm sure it doesn't settle real well, I expect him to handle it well, so far he has" Brooks said.
The offense has struggled in Hartline's eight starts this season and after the 63 to 5 beat down in the swamp, the sophomore signal caller saw the writing on the wall, "I felt it coming sooner or later and the worst part about it for me is there is nothing I could of done to get better on the practice field to change that decision, we are not productive in other places, we got to do something can't not respect the decision, coaches they got jobs, do what they have to do" Hartline said.
Kick-off between Kentucky and Mississippi State is at 2:30 on Saturday

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