Cats Booed At Home

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Is it ever appropriate for fans to boo collegiate athletes, many of them still in their teens?

That question came up during UK's loss to Mississippi State Tuesday night and on talk shows since then.

When the Cats went more than five minutes without scoring a single point to begin the game and trailed by 13 at halftime, fans literally booed them off the court.

Allen Hayes, who drove through bad weather all the way from McLean County to get to Rupp Arena admits, "I was probably booing at the first TV time-out, but I did boo at halftime, probably for the first time in my life, and I never miss a UK game."

Former Kentucky Coach Joe B. Hall heard some occasional boos during his illustrious career, which included a national championship.

He says, "You're booing yourself is what you're doing because the fans and the players to me are a family. You don't boo your own kids. They're doing the best that they can do, and sometimes that's not enough to satisfy the fans."

When it became evident with 3 minutes still to play that the Cats would lose their second straight home game, fans emptied out of Rupp Arena as if they were in a fire drill.

Joe Hall says, "I've seen it happen in football. I always wonder why people leave early except to beat traffic. There's still support they can give their team, and there will be good plays happen that they're going to be thrilled with so why leave."

A young woman from Ashland tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "My friends and I actually got up at the 3 minute mark to go get ice cream. I wondered why so many people seemed to be heading the same way. We got back to our seats and the arena was empty. It was weird.

Weird and maybe a little disturbing to a group of players giving their all.

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