Patrick Patterson Back On The Practice Court

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What did you work on today mostly?

“A combination of things, we have so much stuff we have to get better on. We have to learn how to execute better defensively and offensively. We have a long, long way to go. We have to try to rebound a little better; we’ve just got a lot of things to work on right now.”
When you face a team a second time is it a little easier?
“It doesn’t come a little easier at all. Game-planning is really good, but game-planning is not nearly as important as how the players perform. I’m talking about on either side. We went over there and Jodie scored 54 points, the rest of our team scored 36. They had 19 offensive rebounds; they had a guy get seven and a guy get five. Game-planning is game-planning, but it’s all about players making plays. We can tell them where to be, their coach can tell them where to be, but once they get in those spots – we’re responsible for making sure they’re in the right spots – but when they get in those spots, it comes down to your competitive level and your execution and carrying out instructions and carrying out responsibilities. You can only do so much of that stuff.”

What’s in store for tomorrow’s practice?

“I’m fundamentally based – offensively, defensively, transition, press, out of bounds play, we’re always going to work on fundamentals. Hopefully we’re going to start seeing some fruits of our labor.”

Patrick went the whole practice today, how do you feel about him?

“I thought he looked real good early, but I thought he started favoring his ankle late. We’ll see how he comes out after practice.”

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