Fans Cheer On New Coach

The introduction of UK Coach Calipari is the moment UK fans have been waiting for over the past few days.

You could feel the excitement in the air in Lexington as the the big blue faithful watched Calipari make his first comments to his new basketball home.

The new coach is already catering to fans. He stopped outside Memorial Coliseum after the press conference on Wednesday to sign autographs.

Many UK students, who weren't lucky enough to meet the new coach, had to settle with watching his remarks on TV.

Students gathered in the student center to hear from Coach Calipari, many of them decked out in t-shirts featuring the new coach.

And of course, Lexington isn't the only place where fans are buzzing about the new hire. People from Paducah to Perry County wanted to hear about Calipari's plans for the future.

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