Former UK coach files suit against UK Athletics Association

Billy Gillipsie accuses the University of Kentucky Athletics Association of breach of contract and fraud.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Gillispie filed a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit against the Athletics Association.

When former UK coach Billy Gillispie was fired by the University of Kentucky, he was working under a memorandum of understanding with the Athletics Association, never signing a formal contract.

In a 24 page lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas, Gillispie accuses UK's Athletic Association of breach of contract and fraud for firing him two years into a seven year agreement and wants the full six million he says he is owed.

Despite never signing a formal contract, Gillispie claims the memorandum of understanding said he would be paid $1.5 million a year, up to four years, if fired.

When he was fired, UK President Lee Todd said he believed the memorandum was a one year renewable agreement and that the university would work out some sort of settlement with Gillispie.

In addition, the suit claims UK lured Gillispie away from Texas A&M at a point when the university was negotiating to give him a contract through 2015.

He is also seeking punitive damages and the cost of attorneys fees.

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