Jarmon Moving Forward, Getting Ready For Draft

This isn’t how Jeremy Jarmon envisioned his summer going. Three weeks ago, Jarmon emotionally told his story of how he inadvertently took a dietary supplement that contained a substance banned by the NCAA. A trip to study abroad for five weeks was in the books, before returning to Lexington to start on his second degree and help the Wildcat football team on the defensive side of the ball. Instead, Jarmon’s college career is over. He’s living in Nashville for the time being, working out at the D-1 Training Facility preparing for the NFL’s Supplemental Draft.

“I feel like I’m getting in better shape, feel like I’m running better than I had been, more flexible, a lot of things are adding up, it’s been great so far.”

After leaving Lexington on Memorial Day weekend, Jarmon took sometime for himself, wondering how an honest mistake could take away his collegiate career.

“Emotionally it hurt me, I was really disappointed with the outcome of the situation, but it’s made me stronger, I didn’t die from it, I’ve learned from my lesson, better person for it, looking to go back to UK and talking to all the athletes, trying to make most positive out of the situation I can.”

Jarmon will still not identify what dietary supplement he took for less than two weeks that contained a substance banned by the NCAA, but understands things happen in life for a reason and his story should be an example to every athlete in the country.

“there are so many things that are out there in supplement and vitamin items and their marketed a certain way, they say it’s supposed to be this, bottom line the supplement makers want to sell, tend to put thing in it to speed up results or help you get results quicker, that how they get you hooked. I’ve learned everything in a product doesn’t have to be on the label, pretty important lesson to learn.”

Already a graduate of the University of Kentucky, Jarmon considers himself lucky that he took his education seriously. If he had not, Jarmon wouldn’t be in the position he is in now.

“leading up to finding out if I was going to be eligible for the supplemental draft, in my situation, I would not of had a chance to be in the draft if I had not graduated, it shows education is very important.”

Jeremy Jarmon’s hard work continues as he prepares for a Pro Day on July 9th in Lexington. Earlier this week Jarmon flew to Philadelphia to take a physical for the Eagles. His agent, Jimmy Sexton, former UK coaches, even his high school coach have been receiving calls from a number of NFL teams.

“it seems like their going back and doing their homework, one thing their going to find, I didn’t have problems, I come from a good family and it was an isolated incident.”

In some ways the former UK defensive end will get vindication when NFL teams get a glimpse of his whole body of work.

“the true test going to be from my previous film of my last few years and how well I perform on July 9th because I feel like I was preparing for a great senior season and they will see how hard I’ve been working, I’m expecting a great day.”

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