Gillispie speaks out on road to recovery

He says he's not proud of what he did, and that's why he's going to take responsibility for his actions.

Former UK coach Billy Gillispie speaking out about his trip to rehab.

27 Newsfirst learned last night, Gillispie had checked himself into a Texas facility, and now we're hearing firsthand, what Billy G has to say about his road to recovery.

It was 13 days ago Gillispie was arrested for DUI in Anderson County.

Because of pending litigation, Gillispie could not speak about the specifics of the case.

However he admitted it was time for him to get help and he is doing just that.

My FOX Houston talked to Gillispie today (here's the link to their original story ), where he says that the treatment he is receiving already is having a positive effect on him.

As far as Gillispie's pending litigation against the University of Kentucky regarding his contract, his lawyer says, "one has nothing to do with the other."

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