KHSAA penalizes football players for sportsmanship violations

LEXINGTON – Kentucky High School Athletic Association Commissioner Brigid DeVries has announced that football players from Calloway County and Fulton County High Schools have been penalized for violations of the Association’s Sportsmanship Bylaw (Bylaw 11) following an incident during the October 2, 2009, contest at Fulton County High School.

The contest was ruled final with 4:35 left in the game and Calloway County leading, 24-8, after an outbreak of multiple incidents on the field involving players from both schools.

The Commissioner has issued a ruling following a detailed review of the incident by Executive Assistant Commissioner and football coordinator Julian Tackett and after communication with administrators and coaches from both schools.

NFHS playing rule 9-8-1 (k) prohibits non-players from entering the field without the referee’s permission, which occurred in this case. KHSAA Bylaws also apply to athlete participants and school representatives who are subject to penalties contained in Bylaw 33. Penalties include, but not limited to, fines, suspensions and probation, when a player or players leave the bench or team area.

A total of 16 players from Fulton County will sit out a total of 29 games with one player suspended indefinitely while three players from Calloway County will miss a total of three games. A $1,000 fine has been assessed against the football program at Fulton County High School (the maximum amount permissible under KHSAA Bylaw 33). Suspended players from both teams must also complete the Star Sportsmanship Program. In addition, both programs have been placed on probation through the 2011 playing season.

“Good Sportsmanship is at the heart of the mission of the Association,” Commissioner DeVries said. “Situations like this one are preventable and have no place in interscholastic sports. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that a safe environment for athletic competition exists at all times.”

KHSAA Bylaws, in particular Bylaw 11 along with NFHS Football playing rules are discussed and emphasized at required KHSAA rules clinics attended by coaches and officials each year.

For additional information or comments, contact the school administration at Calloway County or Fulton County High Schools.

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