O.J. Mayo Cited for Marijuana Possession

HUNTINGTON — O.J. Mayo was one of four young males cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana late Friday night at the 2200 block of 10th Avenue, Cabell County Sheriff's Deputy Doug Adams said.

Adams, who was working in a Cabell County Sheriff's drug task force unit assigned to serve a search warrant at a house on the 2200 block of 10th Avenue, said a suspicious car was pulled over with Mayo inside.

"This was unrelated, but the car kept circling the area and was stopped," Adams said. "Along with Mayo, there were three other people in the car. The driver had a small amount of marijuana on him, and in the back of the car in a spare set of shoes was more marijuana."

Inside the car were three adult men and one juvenile. Mayo, the 19-year-old Huntington High senior hoops star, was seated in the front passenger seat of the car that Adams described as a Cadillac.

Adams said all four individuals were cited with simple possession because none of the passengers claimed ownership of the marijuana. Adams did not recall the names of the three other passengers but said they were not Huntington High basketball players.

Mayo was not arrested or taken into custody. He will have to appear in Cabell Magistrate Court, but the date for his appearance could not be confirmed.