General Assembly Honors Former Cat Brandon Webb

Frankfort, KY, April 9- Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb now has a highway named in his honor in his hometown of Ashland, Kentucky. Senate Joint Resolution 93 was amended in the Kentucky House of Representatives by State Representative John Vincent (R-Ashland) to honor Ashland native and 2006 National League Cy Young Award Winner Brandon Webb by naming the roadway in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments. The 2007 General Assembly passed the resolution on March 26, 2007 and it was signed into law by the Governor on April 5, 2007.

The resolution designates the portion of U.S. 60 from the Ashland, Kentucky City limits to Beech Street in Ashland as the “Brandon Webb Highway.” This portion of U.S. 60 passes by the entrance to Brandon’s alma mater, Paul G. Blazer High School. The Kentucky Department of Transportation will be responsible for placing signs designation that portion of U.S. 60 as “Brandon Webb Highway,” and this should be accomplished within the next sixty days.

“Brandon Webb is the first Kentuckian to win a Cy Young Award and this is a very notable achievement for the Commonwealth,” stated Representative John Vincent. "This is a most deserving honor for Brandon. Not only is he an outstanding athlete, but he is an outstanding young man. Brandon is an important part of our community and an exceptional role model for our youth," said Rep. Vincent. “He certainly represents our Commonwealth in a positive fashion.”

Webb played high school baseball for Ashland’s Paul G. Blazer High School and pitched for the University of Kentucky before being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks. He made his major league debut in 2003 and has played for Arizona his entire career.

From time to time, the Kentucky General Assembly has deemed it acceptable to honor various Kentuckians by naming portions of state highways in their honor. This group includes Governors, veterans, educators, and distinguished athletes, such as Webb. The designation of this highway section will not change anyone's current address.