Lucas Reconsidering College Choice

After saying no to Kentucky and the Memphis Grizzlies, Billy Donovan is apparently set to leave the Florida Gators for the Orlando Magic.

Reports are that the deal could be worth $27.5 million dollars over five years. That would more than double his current offer from Florida.

Orlando recently fired Brian Hill. Spokesmen for the Magic have scheduled a press conference tomorrow morning at 11 am for the announcement. The magic made the playoffs this past year but got swept in the first round.

As for Jai Lucas, the player who chose Florida over Kentucky this spring, he's mulling whether to seek a release from his letter of intent. His father, John, in an interview with KHOU-TV in Houston, said Thursday night that the family is rethinking Jai's decision to become a Gator.

John Lucas went on to say they're confident Florida will release jai from his letter of intent, if he wants to go elsewhere.

John specifically mentioned Kentucky as an option they may like to explore.

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