Calipari still a "big fan" of Knight

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky coach John Calipari says he
disagrees with Bobby Knight's assessment that college basketball
lacks integrity and that he is proof the game has a problem.

Calipari also said Friday he remains a "big fan" of the former
Indiana and Texas Tech coach, but refused to get into a verbal war
with Knight. Calipari even credited Knight for helping him perfect
his "Dribble Drive" offense during a visit to Texas Tech while
Calipari was coaching at Memphis.

Knight called out Calipari during a fundraiser for the Indiana
Basketball Hall of Fame on Thursday. Knight questioned why Calipari
is still coaching even though two of his former programs have had
NCAA troubles. Knight offered Calipari's continued employment as
proof of college basketball's integrity problem.
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