McCarty Joins Pitino's Staff at Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A former University of Kentucky standout
who played ten years in the N-B-A has rejoined his mentor Rick
Pitino again - this time as Louisville's assistant basketball
Walter McCarty replaces Marvin Menzies, who is being named the
new head coach at New Mexico State. McCarty is a native of
Evansville, Indiana who started at forward for the 1996 national
champion Kentucky Wildcats during his senior year. That year, he
averaged a career-high eleven-point-seven points and
five-point-seven rebounds. He also ranked second on that team with
206 rebounds and 28 three-pointers.
Pitino also coached McCarty at the Boston Celtics, where McCarty
played for more than seven seasons. He averaged nine-point-six
points and four-point-four rebounds in his first season there, and
later played for the Phoenix Suns and Los Angels Clippers.
At New Mexico State, Menzies replaces another former Louisville
assistant, Reggie Theus, who was recently named head coach of the
Sacramento Kings.

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