UK fans get up close and personal look at team ahead of game

Fans who are braving the cold weather in New York, were close enough to see their favorite players in action at today's open practice.

Janet Kim has more from the carrier dome.

Inside the Carrier Dome, UK fans were able to catch the Cats practicing for tomorrow's big game and there were a lot of mixed reactions.

As the Cats entered the court for an open practice, the fans waited with some with cheers and the others with boos, but Big Blue fans made sure to regulate.

"If you didn't want to see them, why did you maul them as they were walking out?"

"You see them on TV but to see the players in person, the height, the athleticism, is impressive to watch."

"We're like the superbowl so to speak, people want Kentucky to lose, Cornell is a senior-led team, and this is a home court advantage, but we'll be here cheering on our boys."

The Cats finished up their practice signing autographs, as the countdown to the game begins.

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