Fun Off the Court Leads to Success for UK Hoops

Going into Sunday's Sweet Sixteen game in Kansas City the UK Hoops team is the underdog, but that's not something that bothers this team one bit.

Skill is one thing, but the UK Hoops team attributes a lot of their success to their friendship on and off the court.

On the court it appears to be all business for the UK Hoops team, but take one step off and its all fun and games!

Inside the locker room, you will find a team that laughs a lot and jokes around all the time.

Just try finding another college basketball locker room where there is more fun, probably won't happen.

"We're having a lot of fun on and off the court and I think it shows, we just all get along good together." said Junior Guard Amber Smith.

When your winning its easy to have fun.

When you get along so well, you can pick all you want on your teammates.

The Hoops team may be known for their performances on the court, but they have a mischievous side as well.

"We have this group called the WIB." said Senior Guard Amani Franklin.

That's Women In Black, and they have only one game plan.

"We go and play pranks on the coaches and what not." said Franklin.

Their past missions, Post It Noting coach's car, an unexpected water fight, even leaving a birthday message for all to see when coach has a big birthday.

" I guess I'm an easy target, they like to have a lot of fun and pull some pranks from time to time." said UK Hoops Coach Matthew Mitchell.

These women know how to get the job done on the court, but they never lose sight of having a good laugh.

Coach Matthew Mitchell says he thinks his team's success has been driven by all that fun.

"This team needed to have fun to be at its best, this team needed to have that spirit about them in order to play their best." said Mitchell.

Coach Mitchell says he doesn't mind the fun his team has as long as they get the job done on the court and so far they've made that happen.

The UK Hoops team plays Sunday at 10 p.m. on ESPN 2.

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