Cats Focused As Flashes Come To Town

Monday was an off-day for Kentucky’s football players but at his weekly news conference, head coach Rick Brooks was hoping his team would remain on task as they look to go 2-0 Saturday night at Commonwealth Stadium.

The Cats rushed for 288 yards and Brooks was happy about that, but he also knows the competition gets much tougher.

"The competition is going to be more difficult, so therefore you won't see it be as successful," he said. "Let's hope that we don't have the door slammed in our face on our running game this week. Let's see if we can put a couple of games back-to-back and then back-to-back-to back. That's how you determine whether you're really getting better at something. A one-game spurt on something doesn't mean you've solved the problem."

Brooks was also cautiously optimistic after a defense that had been all too accommodating in the past—surrendered just 202 yards in a 50-10 win over EKU.

"I think the defense played well," he said. "But I'm not
ready to anoint our defense that it has arrived until (we) do it
two or three or four times and show significant improvement over a
period of time. But first time out of the blocks, I think it was a
pretty significant opening game for our defense, especially on
third down. That was huge."

Brooks also got more than a little worked up when reporter wondered whether or not Brooks might have to caution his team not to look ahead to the September 15th match-up with Loiuisville.

"Everybody keeps bringing up Louisville," Brooks said. "We're
not playing Louisville. We're not worried about Louisville, and I'm
not worried about my players thinking ahead to Louisville. I'm
worried about them focusing on Kent State regardless of what the
reasons are. Where Louisville falls on the schedule doesn't
predicate where our head is. Where our head is as a team is we need
to focus on what we need to get better at. They proved last week
that they had their head on right and I believe they'll have their
head on right this week."

Saturday night’s game can be seen live on WKYT-TV and WYMT-TV on a delayed basis at 11:30pm. Rob Bromley, Bill Ransdell, Dusty Bonner and Drew Deener have the call. And the Big Blue Sports Network is offering the game live on a pay-per-view basis. Check your local cable operator for more details.

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