The Power of Chili Dogs

Excerpt From Steve Moss's TV Timeout Sports Blog

The Power of Chili Dogs

Nearly a year ago, we told you about the superstitious eating trends of the
UK coaching staff. After losing a heartbreaker at home to South Carolina, quarterbacks
coach Randy Sanders called upon Quaintance Clark, one of the women who works
at the UK football offices, to cook up a winning lunch menu.

Quaintance loves to cook for the coaching staff and before one particular
Saturday, which happened to be a day the Wildcats won, she surprised the coaches
with a spread that included chili dogs.

Sanders, remembering the dogs, suggested the lunch had brought the team good
luck. So Quaintance repeated the routine, as she has nearly ever week since:
on Mondays it’s Cajun; on Tuesday it’s fried bologna; Wednesday
is chili dog-day; and Thursday it’s leftovers.

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