A pair of transfers leading the UK Track team

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In Dezerea Bryant's first race at Kentucky, the junior transfer smashed an 18 year old 60 meter record with a nation leading and personal best tying time of 7.19 seconds. That same day Bryant set another UK record by crossing the 200 meter finish line in 23.04 seconds.

"It was exciting because it was my first time in a Kentucky uniform. I felt like I had something to prove," said Bryant.

Bryant wasn't the only Wildcat to rewrite the schools record books in their first meet of the year. Fellow transfer Kendra Harrison posted the nation's fastest 60 meter hurdles time and also took first place in the 400 meters.

"It was pretty shocking when I saw the time but I just executed my race and I just wanted to win and execute and not worry about the time," said Harrison.

The pair of All-American athletes made their way to Kentucky this season following two years in the ACC at Clemson. Choosing to follow their assistant coach Tim Hall, who was hired by Edrick Floreal at UK this season.

"I think the re-pore that we have. It just makes them more comfortable in a different environment and it helps me also," said Hall.

"Like they're here, they're going through the same thing I'm going through so they're some people I can talk to and we help each other along the way," said Harrison.

Now the pair set their sights not only on rewriting the UK record books but leading the UK track and field program to the next level.

"I think you know, the sky's the limit with both of them in terms of where they go from here."

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