Avery Williamson is the leader of the UK linebackers

Danny Trevathan, Wesley Woodyard, Jeff Snedegar, Braxton Kelley, and Micah Johnson, all outstanding linebackers for UK spanning the last decade-plus. If Avery Williamson continues to grow as a player, you just might add him to that list. Last season Avery Williamson played in every game with 49 tackles...this year big #40 will be the leader of the linebackers. UK Defensive Coordinator, Rick Minter, is impressed. "Avery Williamson is really, really outstanding. Not only as a producer and a play-maker, but more importantly our guy. He's our man in the middle, knock on wood, for the next two years."
The junior from Milan, Tennessee wants to the player who others turn to for leadership. "Ya gotta respond man," said Williamson. "They say pressure makes a diamond so, I mean they keep putting pressure on me, coaches been putting pressure on me all spring and all summer. I just gotta react and I feel like me being in the film room all this summer really helped me. I still have a lot of things to learn." Minter continued his adoration, "We are going to lean on him heavily. He's got high character, great work ethic, he's the pied-piper of the linebackers and almost the entire defense and he's one of the younger guys. "
If you couldn't already tell, Rick Minter loves what Williamson brings to the table. "He's a tremendous young man and we hang our hat on him. He played well, the others are trying to catch up."