Belgian newspaper skewers USA soccer, fans

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A Belgian newspaper has taken aim at USA soccer and columnist Dan Wetzel. I plugged the column into Google translate. See if you can get the gist of it here. Note: It was accompanied by photos of former USA soccer player Alex Morgan. You'll have to find those yourself. Sorry.

"The past few days we received here in Brazil, sometimes hilarious (@ DanWetzel) coverage as would U.S. Men Team, # USMNT, almost obliged to beat in the eighth finals of the World Cup. Belgium Look, Yanks, your country is fantastic. But if you can not one thing, it's football. Not you. Succeed To regret every American who envies, but the train of soccer (which are round and not oval shape) that should be left as somewhere a century ago, you did not. Were You women, however, whose train only left ten years ago, had not missed the departure date. Consequence: # USWNT not only has a lot more charisma, they also a lot better than ten balls Graham Zusi's together.

Living proof of this is the 24-year-old Alex Morgan, who row took the famous Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated two years. On her achievements: the World Cup final of 2011, the Olympic title in London in 2012 and a nomination for the Golden Ball. Look, we're now doing our hat off for a moment. But not for Graham Zusi, the left side of Sporting Kansas City?

July 1994. Cup in the States and relative World Cup madness in Portland, Oregon, where our pen friend had convinced me to stay. A month with him and his parents The Devils were just after a memorable eighth finals against Germany in Chicago. His school in McMinnville was for a game against peers, quite advanced teenagers, foreign reinforcements from Belgium. It was a joke. In even the simplest feint she tumbled as if the Devil were who were leading. By Saeed Al-Owairan a week earlier to the slaughter When was scored only for the keeper lob, they were watching. With gaping mouth "Did he really chip the ball? That's amazing!" Only the pom pom girls were missing, so there is a real American teen movie out of it. A day later, when there was gebasket, we were soon back with your feet on the ground, but you understand:. Football, that could not Americans whatsoever And to catch up, there are still a few generations needed."

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