Cal has big expectations for Aaron Harrison

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Everybody knows John Calipari is bringing in another No. 1 ranked recruiting class, the headliners include the Harrison twins, Aaron and Andrew. Andrew is a point guard, Aaron a shooting guard, Calipari has high expectations for both. When it comes to Aaron, Calipari says he must have defense. "Big guard, can score the ball, should be and will be and is expected to be, and will be demanded to be a lock-down defender."

It's no surprise what Calipari is demanding. If Aaron Harrison can come in and defend the way Cal wants him to, he knows It will add to his ability to lead. "Definitely going in, try to lead by example, be the hardest worker and help our team's overall work ethic."

The Harrison's are known for their work ethic and they're big. Aaron is 6-5, about 210 pounds. That's size for a guard and Calipari knows it can add versatility to his team. "With his size, with his athleticism, one we can play a big zone, two we should be able to press because we are going to be so big with our guard play, whoever we put up there. But it'll start with Aaron.

The freshmen will arrive in early June and Aaron is looking forward to getting himself into the best shape he can. I know in college it's going to be a lot more physical, so I'm just ready to get there, get my body in better physical shape.
For the Harrison's it came down to Kentucky, Maryland and SMU, the factors weighed heavily for UK. The decision came back in the first week of October and Aaron says Calipari had a lot to do with it. "His style of play, his will to win, that's probably the biggest thing. He wants to win just like we do."

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