Cal likes playing Noel and Cauley-Stein together

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Since last summer, UK coach John Calipari speculated about playing freshmen big men Nerlens Noel and Willie Cauley-Stein together. Cal is doing it in the preseason and so far he likes what he sees.

In Thursday night's 93-61 exhibition victory over Northwood, Noel scored 17 points and pulled down 11 rebounds. Cauley-Stein finished with 8 points and 9 boards. Calipari likes the way they communicate on the court. "I like the fact that I put them in together a couple days ago and they really talked to one another. Like up and down the court they were telling each other 'I'm here, you go up, you do this and it was good to see."

The two freshmen say they've enjoyed being on the court at the same time. Cauley-Stein says it's fun playing with Noel. "Now instead of trying to make sure you've got a man, you can kind of gamble a little bit more, because you know you've got another shot blocker behind you. And so it's real fun playing with him." Noel says the two are close oon and off the court. 'We've just all bonded and everything. We feel comfortable with each other, even playing with each other. And on that court, he knows I've got his back and hes got mine, and that's the way you got to play if you want to be as good as you want."

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