Cal not watching games with players

The University of Kentucky women's soccer team defeated Vanderbilt 6-1 Friday at the UK Soccer Complex in Lexington, Ky., to advance to next week's SEC Tournament in Orange Beach, Ala. Photo by Chet White

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - John Calipari says he's never done it before but in scouting opponents, he's not watching game tapes with his players. One day before his team takes the court against Auburn, Calipari said he's teaching life's skills.

Earlier in the season Calipari used heart monitors on his players during practice and games, that was a first. Now for the first time, no sessions with his players going over tapes. " None, the staff is doing that. I don't want them to see me in a basketball sense right now. I'm just teaching life skills, that's all. How to deal with this, how to deal with adversity, what does it mean to love, tell me what it means to love."

Julius Mays, in his first and only season as a Wildcat, said living up to last year's national championship team has not been easy. "When you've got a team like that and then you've got us coming in after, it's like, how could you beat that? How can we be better than that? So I felt like, guys are thinking 'I gotta do this, I gotta live up to this, I got to play like this guy played, I gotta do this for the team, and it's really not possible."

Mays said it's never going to be the same team. Freshman Willie Cauley-Stein said at the start, players were trying to establish themselves, now strides are being made establishing a team. That's what Calipari wants. "These kids are 18 and 19 and their whole life has been in that 4-foot space, right there. Like I told my staff, write this stuff down because if it works, lets make sure we remember what the heck we did, because this is all new for me now."

Kentucky-Auburn will tipoff at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, televised by WKYT. The game will be immediatley followed by Wildcat Wrap-up."

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