Cal reacts to Woods, Harrow returning

The University of Kentucky women's soccer team defeated Vanderbilt 6-1 Friday at the UK Soccer Complex in Lexington, Ky., to advance to next week's SEC Tournament in Orange Beach, Ala. Photo by Chet White

UK coach John Calipari reacted to the comments of Morehead State coach Sean Woods by saying, "I love what our kids are about, ya know, what they've done academically, what they do in the community. Being here is a big deal and it's hard to deal with all the stuff that goes around but these guys seem to do it pretty well." Calipari also said Tuesday point guard Ryan Harrow is returning to practice.

On a conference call Monday, Woods said he didn't like the "vibe" he got from the current UK players. This because of their apparent lack of awareness of the tradtion of the UK program. Woods clarified his comments and apologized Tuesday morning on Kentucky Sports Radio.

Asked if he was upset, Calipari said. "Look, you guys know I don't deal with all that stuff. So someone said something to me about it and I said 'what?'" Calipari continued, "Knowing Sean I figured he just mispoke, ya know I chalk it up to that and I move on. I'm not taking it personal."

Calipari said most of his players probably don't know what Woods said. "Do you know how much is said about this program and me personally? Oh my Gosh!" Then sticking his fingers behind his head to look like a devil, "You think I look like that, I mean I don't listen to it."

Sophomore point guard Ryan Harrow has not played since the season opener against Maryland. Sidelined by some kind of an unknown ailment, Calipari said he would return to practice today. Harrow has lost seven pounds. Calipari said he would have to determine a timetable for his return.

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