Cal says Davis will be two years ahead

Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) - UK coach John Calipari says first round draft pick Anthony Davis will be two years ahead in his NBA career because of his Olympic experience.

In an exclusive interview with WKYT Cal said, "He'll be two years ahead of his NBA career because he's being taught by professionals. How to act, how to play, how to train, how to be as a player. So what an advantage for Anthony. They tell me the players love him and I will tell you he's that kind of young man. He can play, he'll defer, he just plays he never changes his attitude and he's a good teammate.:

As for watching the Olympics on television Cal said he wished he was there with his Dominican Republic team. "It didn't matter until I saw that should have been us and I just haven't had the desire to watch other than some of Anthony's games. So I watched the lobs when he was playing and I text Mike Krzykewski and I said, "Hey you guys are doing great, those lobs look good don't they? I've seen that before." He laughed and sent me a text back, so what an experience for him."