Cal talks free throw shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After 13 games Kentucky is shooting 66.5% at the free throw line. UK coach John Calipari doesn't like to make a big deal about free throwing shooting, but he talked about it during a recent airing of 'This Is Kentucky Basketball.'

"Well free throw shooting is a touchy thing," said Calipari. "The more you bring light to it the worse it gets, I've been doing this 20 some years."

Calipari explained how he approaches shooting free throws, trying to make it simple. "You've got to start off by letting them shoot it the way they shoot it. But now all of a sudden they're not making shots. As a coach you go back and say 'now we're going to make this simpler.' Your pre shot routine, one-two -three. Set the ball under your chin or maybe higher, shoot it from there. You've got no motion, no room for error. When you bring it from down by your waist, your using 150 muscles. When you do it from your chin, your using 50 muscles."

If a player is hitting free throws, Calipari won't have him shoot as many in practice. "There may be a minimum standard, if you are shooting 75 to 80 percent, you do not need to shoot free throws. Everyone else will shoot 100 and we chart them. When you get your made free throws up to 100, 80 percent, we'll drop it back to 50 but you still have to be at 40 out of 50."

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