Cal thinks NCAA should use money more wisely

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - John Calipari says the NCAA should look at how they are spending money, or not spending money. Coach Cal continues his national media carousel tour, promoting his book "Players First: Coaching From The Inside Out". Also, the UK coach discussing Wildcats basketball, the NBA, and his differing thoughts on the NCAA among the variety of topics.
ESPN's Jay Crawford asked Calipari one specific question, concerning the NCAA, and it gained a lot of attention. Fix what's broken. What would change? How would you change what exists today?

Because you're limiting my time, I would say every decision we make be based on these young people. Not us. Not what we're trying to do. Not the $11 billion, just a simple thing. Why can't the families come with us to the NCAA tournament? Why wouldn't we pay for that? It doesn't make them professionals. $11 billion. You know where you get the money from? The media! Make them pay for tickets. Forget about all these lavish meals. Give them popcorn and pretzels and a Coke! And if you want to be a meal, I know this is tough for the media, go buy one! Buy yourself something to eat!

Now you take that money, and all 68 teams, they have families. You get on the plane with us. You're staying in the hotel with us. Enjoy this! Brandon Knight's family was not in Newark when he made that game-winner because they couldn't afford to be. Julius Randle's mom left early for a game because she couldn't change her ticket. She couldn't afford to. Craziness. Shabazz (Napier) talks about, starving at night. We're limiting food? Are we going to make them fat? So I'm going to make my guys fatter than your guys! It's ridiculous! There are things we can do. Let's worry about them, let's focus on them. And if we do that, I think we're all going to be better for it."

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