Cal to make defensive changes without Noel

The University of Kentucky women's soccer team defeated Vanderbilt 6-1 Friday at the UK Soccer Complex in Lexington, Ky., to advance to next week's SEC Tournament in Orange Beach, Ala. Photo by Chet White

UK coach John Calipari is talking defensive changes as his team comes home to play Vanderbilt Wednesday night. Plaing without Nerlens Noel for the first time Saturday, Kentucky fell by 30 points to Tennessee.

Speaking on the SEC teleconference Monday, Calipari said. "We had to go through a game to figure it out. Some of the suff we were running with the old team, we're going to have to run a little different."

Calipari had only two practice sessions to prepare without Noel before heading to Tennessee. "It doesn't take away from what we've done before this, but now there's maybe things we have to do defensively that are different." Calipari pointed out his team played well defensively until Saturday.

Following Saturday's loss, Calipari said he has a couple players who are, "basically, not real coachable." Monday he lowered the tone. "Some of this is overwhelming, we just lost our best player." Calipari added, "We're just trying to say, 'hey man, listen to what we're saying, you can't play the way you're playing.' Like I said, we've got a good group of kids, we're very young, this is new, we're treading new water. It wasn't like a post game tirade, that's not what this was. This was during the game that we're talking about guys got to listen better."

Kentucky will play three straight games at home against Vanderbilt, Missouri and Mississippi State. All will be critical if the Cats are to earn a spot in the NCAA. Calipari indicated he's all positive with his players. "It's like, 'hey guys, we're still where we want to be. You got bashed, take responsibility and lets move on."

Kentucky and Vanderbilt will tipoff at 8:00p.m. Wednesday on WKYT. Coverage will begin with WIldcat Warmup at 7:30 p.m.

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