Cal told players, "we ain't dead yet"

UK coach John Calipari takes a young team into the Final Four this weekend in Dallas. As the Wildcats struggled at the end of the season, Calipari told his players they weren't dead.

No team advancing has a player who has taken part in a Final Four.
“You just told me none of them have been there, I didn’t even think about it." said Calipari. "We’re all taking teams there that are playing well right now or we wouldn’t be there. Every team is playing their best. Look, Wisconsin lost five of six, Connecticut hit the dumps. The only team that hasn’t is Florida. You all counted us off. I had to be wheeled in there in a casket and I opened it and I said, ‘we ain’t dead yet, boys,’ for my guys to believe. You guys didn’t know I did that, that wasn’t for public consumption.”

Calipari didn't really have himself wheeled into practice in a casket, but saying it, grabbed his players' attention. “Coach is crazy." said Julius Randle. "He comes up with some of the craziest things. If he would have (done) that I probably would have lost it.”

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