Calipari and Jerry Tipton have odd exchange

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - The Kentucky Wildcats have 'senior night' at Rupp Arena tonight. Jon Hood and Jarrod Polson playing their final regular season game at Rupp as the Cats play Alabama. The Wildcats have been getting blasted for their performance against South Carolina. Now I guess we will see exactly what this team is made. The players are taking an attitude of wounded animal backed into a corner. As for John Calipari, he is staying positive. "My mind hasn't changed about this team. It's just that we have to get them in a little different mind-set. We've got to practice it and they have to carry over into a game and when adversity hits, when the other team tries to take the game or take it from you, you just don't let them and you respond to it." UK guard, Jarrod Polson, added his team know others have given up on UK. "I mean, that's kinda how we're looking at it. Everyone around the nation doesn't think we have a shot. They think we're done for. That's kinda what we're rallying behind is us against the world and we're going to prove everyone wrong."

There was a rather funny, yet uncomfortable exchange between Calipari and UK beat writer for the Herald-Leader Jerry Tipton. When Cal got the heave-ho against South Carolina, UK was down 51-39 with 10-23 to play. Assistant John Robic took over the coaching duties. At the press conference Monday, Tipton said the following to John Calipari, "John, they seemed to play well at South Carolina when Coach Robic was..." but Calipari interrupts the question. "He's a better coach than me! He's a better coach than me Jerry! He's a better coach than me! He's a better coach. Should have let him be the head coach." Which Tipton retorts with, "So when are you resigning?" Calipari's rebuttle, "As soon as you retire!" (laughter) However Tipton grabbed the final word, sort of. "We're stuck with each other..."

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