Calipari appears with Colbert

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK coach John Calipari, promoting his new book, appeared with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night on Comedy Central. The interview provided more than just a few laughs.

Colbert questioned Calipari about his book's title, Players First, Coaching From the Inside Out.

Colbert: Don't we have to start with the coach? You're being too humble sir, you put the team together. Without you it's just five tall guys staring at their shoes. Why player's first?

Calipari: Well you're trying to bring a team together, You're trying to teach them servant leadership.

Colbert: What is servant leadership, what the hell is that? Either you're a servant or you're a leader sir, the leader leads the servants.

Calipari: Welll you're trying to make them understand it's more about the other guy than themselves. Worry more about your teammate than yourselves.

Colbert: What are you talking about, give me the ball, I'm shooting.

Calipari: And if you do that, the only way they'll do that is if I have their back and I make it about them.

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