Calipari has fun on the podium

UK coach John Calipari had some fun on the podium after Tuesday night's 55-48 victory over Alabama on Senior Night.

Having lost two straight, Calipari said his team had to beat the Tide in Rupp Arena. He hasn't looked ahead to the final game of the season against Florida. "I haven't thought about it, I'm trying to figure out if I'm coming back next year or not." .

Calipari spoke sarcastically as he often does. It all goes back to last weekend. After the Cat's lost to South Carolina and he was thrown out, Calipari skipped his post game news conference. That created some noise in the national media.

He also went back to a comment he made earlier this season that caused some noise. "We're not the most overanalyzed program in the country. I was wrong when I said that."

For the record, he was asked directly about coming back for a sixth season as coach at Kentucky. "I hope, if I get through the hip surgery."

Calipari walks more and more with a noticeable limp. He acknowledged he needs hip surgery.

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