Calipari reportedly offered big dollars to leave UK

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK coach John Calipari said Monday he was offered significantly more money to leave UK than he was to stay. Calipari spoke in an interview on Kentucky Sports Radio with Greg Doyel of filling in as guest host.

Yahoo Sports quoted sources as saying Calipari was offered $60 million over seven years to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later in the day, Marc Stein of ESPN said the figure was close to $80 million for 10 years. Last week UK announced a new 7-year contract for Calipari that totaled $52.5 million.

"This thing was done in April, I mean this thing was done a long time ago." said Calipari on KSR. " Now it wasn't released because it had to go through the channels, whatever they wanted it to go through, but it was done. Now the stuff out is, ya know, 'he was approached by NBA teams', and if you ask me that question, yes I was."

Calipari wouldn't confirm anything about his talks with the NBA. "I'm not gonna talk who and I'm not gonna talk numbers and I'm not gonna talk what it entailed, but at the end of the day, for me and again I think it shows something, it was significantly more money for me to leave than I stay. It kind of tells you where my mind is."

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