Calipari staying busy, not getting every recruit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - John Calipari enjoys staying busy. He's not coaching the Dominican National team this summer but his ProCamp is underway this week at Memorial Coliseum and the Craft Center. Calipari has been a man on the go this summer. "The only issue became when Jerry Colangelo asked me to do some stuff for USA Basketball. So I had to go from the first recruiting period, from Dallas to Vegas, so I ended up being out 13-14 straight days. I haven't done that since I've been 35."

In an interview with WKYT Monday, Calipari said, "I got beat down a little bit." Hard to imagine Calipari ever "beat down". His most important task is the recruiting trail. "We're able to see all of the kids that we're trying to recruit but it's a tough deal. One, this is not for everybody. You almost got to make sure you're pinpointing, who do you think can survive in this kind of enviornment? Two, you're trying to figure out who you really like and who really likes you. Ya know this thing that we get every player we recruit is crazy, we don't get every player we recruit."

But Calipari gets good players. Nerlens Noel, Archie Goodwin, Julius Mays and Twany Beckham started the ProCamp Monday. Cal says a youngster needs to become a good ball handler. "If you're the best ball handler you're going to be the best player. So all this stuff about shooting and scoring at this age (8-10), it absolutely doesn't matter."

DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe will be in Lexington for Calipari's ProCamp Thursday.

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