Calipari warns: "If we don't start changing, we're going to struggle"

The University of Kentucky women's soccer team defeated Vanderbilt 6-1 Friday at the UK Soccer Complex in Lexington, Ky., to advance to next week's SEC Tournament in Orange Beach, Ala. Photo by Chet White

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Despite 23 points and 12 rebounds from forward Kyle Wiltjer, and easily dispatching Lipscomb, 88-50, Kentucky coach John Calipari still questioned his team.

"If we don't start changing, we're going to struggle," the coach warned.

The Wildcats (7-3) spent the past week in what Calipari deemed Camp Cal, but he saw only minimal improvement in his Cats on Saturday.

"We've got to crack the issues that we have," Calipari said. "Stopping on possessions, quitting on a play."

Calipari had hoped a week without a game would allow his team to focus more in practice on the issues that have haunted the Wildcats.

"He basically calls us fakes," guard Ryan Harrow said of Calipari. "Like we're just faking it in practice, then just go out and do our own stuff during the game."

Calipari hinted that his team still lacks a physical presence, something opponents will continue to exploit.

"We've already struggled in any game against anybody with any physical toughness to them. Either you want to change or you have your excuses. So let's just change."

Lipscomb coach Scott Sanderson has faith these Wildcats will be a good team. He says sometimes All-Americans are hard to coach, but
maybe this team isn't listening to Calipari.

"The bottom line is will those kids listen," Sanderson said. "Listening is a skill."

Wiltjer, who recorded his first collegiate double-double, says the Cats are listening.

"I think we're listening," he said. "It's we're just not changing as much as coach wants us to."

UK has another week without playing and Calipari said his team will use that time to practice up to three times a day. He's hoping to see major changes when the Wildcats take the floor next Saturday against Marshall.

"We just went five days and I saw a little change," Calipari said. "So if I see a little change in this next week, from that point on, folks, we're not winning many."

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