Calipari begins trophy tour of state

UK Coach John Calipari along with his wife and some staff members began an NCAA trophy tour of Kentucky Thursday morning.
The tour made stops in Ashland, Pikeville and Hazard. Friday the tour will take a train through Midway, then makes stops in Frankfort, Elizabethtown, Owensboro, and Paducah.
Riding a bus to Ashland Calipari explained why he decided to make the tour. "I didn;t get real emotional about this stuff until we landed in Lexington and there were five, six, seven thousand people at the airport, its been like that before." Calipari went on to say, "But when we turned on the highway and I saw people from there all the way into Lexington. Every kind of person, we would by a nursing home and ladies and men were out there in walkers and the hospital people ran out, it's like this really does mean something to these people. We just thought lets just take this thing out."
Calipari said winning the NCAA championship hasn't changed anything for him. "Its not changed anything for me, I mean I did the book tour here my first year and I figured out wow, this means something to these people. It's something they take pride in and it started back in the day of coach Rupp. Coach Rupp gave a clinic in '73 and a guy who was at the clinic said he said babies are born
and when they're born they're given a basketball. So they grow up one of two ways, wanting to be playing for the Commonwealth's team or cheering for the Commonwealth's team to win a national title, one or the other. So it's kind of neat when you see that what he said is really, really true."