Cats must adjust to refs' whistles

John Calipari has never been at a lost for words and he expresses what a lot of folks have been discussing about the officials. At the beginning of the year, how the game would be officiated grabbed the spotlight. The games were called tight at first, but as the year continued, the whistle was swallowed so to speak. "If we get in a game and we have to play that way then we have to play that way," says Calipari. "We went for a season sayin, 'hands off don't touch the body' and it as each month and week went on it got more and more physical. So basically we are back to where we were a year ago when everybody said you foul on every possession to win."
If the way a game is called does revert back to last season, as for the players, some don't seem to mind the contact. However in the same breath they do. Julius Randle weighs in, "We're a big, strong, athletic team and being physical is a part of our game. It has kinda taken away from our physicality and it kinda takes away from our aggression. I think it will be good to kinda return to that."

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