Cauley-Stein off twitter, Cal responds

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK freshman forward Willie-Cauley Stein says hes closed down his twitter account. This coming after some angry messages from fans following Saturday's loss to Baylor. Coach John Calipari said maybe it's not a bad thing.

Cauley-Stein said he received more than 20 tweets after the game and he didn't want to look at it any more. "Even if they're positive, I don't really want to look at the positives anymore neither. I just want to be playing out here with my teammates and doing what coach tells us to do to do everyday and trying to get better and get this stuff back on track."

Calipari responded by saying, "I know it was good for Josh (Harrellson), maybe it'll be good for them. It wasn't my suggestion but, I'll tell you what, it worked Josh into an NBA player."

Cal was then asked by Herald-Leader writer Jerry Tipton, if the alarm from fans is a good thing. Tipton used the word tweeter instead of twitter and some laughter quickly erupted. Cal joked, "It didn't bother my tweeter."

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