Committee of 101 volunteers for the Cats

You'll find them whenever Kentucky plays. Arriving long before the games.

"I'm usually here four hours early," says Randy LeMaster.

All for a chance to watch the Wildcats.

"I'm getting ready to get charged up to watch them play and I love coming down here," says Gene Oakley.

They're called the Committee of 101, a group of volunteers serving as ushers at football and basketball games.

I didn't have season tickets so I got into a club so I could see basketball, and I'm still here," says Oakley.

And forty five years later Gene Oakley's love for the cats hasn't waivered. For some, bleeding blue runs in the family.

I saw my first Kentucky game in 1957. I came down from out of eastern Kentucky to watch my brother play. Johnny Cox, he played for Adolph Rupp back in the late 50's, All-American won a national championship," says Al Cox. "It's kind of in the family, been doing it ever since."

From the days of Adolph Rupp to John Calipari the Committee of 101 has seen it all.

"Probably the biggest game that I've ever seen here when Shaq and Chris Jackson and Stanly Robinson came in here," says LeMaster. "They were number one and we beat them."

But cheering on the Wildcats isn't all they do.

"Well a lot of people don't know but we have an endowment fund and at the end of the year we will have paid 50 thousand dollars scholarship toward that," says LeMaster.

So next time you're at a Kentucky sporting event be sure to say hello to some of the biggest fans in the stands, volunteering for the love of the game.

"I don't hunt. I don't fish. I don't go bowling, don't play tennis, says Cox. "This is my recreation."

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