Cousins maturing, likes Sacramento

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - DeMarcus Cousins will be heading into his fourth season in the NBA and he's in negotiations with the Sacramento Kings for what could be a "max" contract.

Cousins has had plenty of issues in his first three seasons in the league, suspended by his team and the NBA. He believes he's maturing. "I've matured. I'm 22 now, I'm in my fourth season, I've matured."

Cousins will turn 23 later this month. John Calipari, the man who brought him to Kentucky and coached him for one season believes Cousins has come a long way. "Ya know he went into the league as a young pup. Because he's 6-11, 260-270, whatever he is, you expect him to be a fully grown man. But he wasn't 24 years old, he was 19. You understand his senior year would have been this past year. He's thown into a situation that they were losing. A miserable situation and expected him to respond in a really good way, he's 19."

Plenty has changed in Sacramento with new ownership, a new G-M and a new coach, Michale Malone. Cousins likes what's happening. "Whoo, very excited. Excited where our organization is going, I believe in the right direction now. I'm just glad to know where I'll be."

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