Damien Harris discusses his football recruitment

LEXINGTON, KY Madison Southern running back Damien Harris is the top-rated back in the USA. Harris is coveted by everyone and his recruitment has been a learning experience. "It has been kind of crazy," Harris said. "I've talked to a lot of coaches, I've been to a lot of places. It's been fun, getting to know all of these coaches. You see them on tv and the next day you are in their office and you're like man this is kinda cool. It has been stressful as well."

When you have every major school in the country contacting you, it certainly can be somewhat overwhelming. But Harris is different, he does not allow himself to get caught up in things, which in the long run really don't matter. "Well all of these places have something different to offer. A lot of these schools have great jerseys, everybody always talks about go somewhere where they have cool jerseys. Everybody has that, everybody has nice stadiums, nice facilities. It's a lot deeper than that for me. I really don't look into that as much as one would think, so it's not all that important." Twitter and other social media has it's place as well. Good, bad, and ..."I would have to say indifferent", Harris said with a sly grin. "There's been times when it's great and they're sometimes when it's just kinda like, well. All these fans are so passionate about what they do, so if they don't necessarily like a decision you make, they make sure to let you hear about it."
Harris is wise beyond his years for a senior to be. What he wants from the school he attends, not what you might think. "First, and foremost, I want to go to a school where I can get an excellent degree, a degree that will hold a lot of value. Football ends at some point, y'know? As much as us football players would like for it to go on forever, it will end someday. That great degree is something I want to be able to fall back on. Other than that, just a family environment from the team, from the fans, just the whole atmosphere. Somewhere that I can trust to develop me the most as, not only a player, but as a man as well growing up. Your mom, your parents aren't there whenever you are in college. It's just you and your football family, so you have to be really close close-knit group with wherever you decide to go and have that great, not just team bond, but family bond as well."

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