Desmond Allison murdered, former teammate reflects

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Desmond Allison's time in Kentucky Blue was cut short, on Monday afternoon in Columbus,Ohio so was his life. Television stations in Columbus broke the news Allison was shot to death outside an apartment complex.

Police say the incident started after an apparent argument involving women. Allison, who was shot in the chest, was pronounced dead at the hospital at the age of 30.

It is shocking news that has former teammates like J.P. Blevins reflecting on their time with Allison, "Desmond came in super talented, wasn't viewed as a polished player, shows up and two games in starts as a freshman, showed you how hard he worked especially on the defensive end, he will be missed."

Allison played for the Cats from 1998-2000, where he averaged over 6 points and 2 boards a game, but it's more than his game that stands out to Blevins, " most likeable guy on the team, was a clown, gift to lighten the mood, can't remember him having any bad days, always in a good mood, that's how i think about him."

Desmond left after two season at Kentucky after he was kicked off the team by former Coach Tubby Smith in 2000 after he was arrested on a drunk driving charge, it was a sad day for those around him, " his raw ability was off the charts, he picked basketball because he like it more, but probably had a bigger future in football had he gone that way," Blevins said. "When he left UK it was sad to see him go, loved seeing the piece playing football, getting life back on track, seemed everything was going right way, something like this devastates everyone."

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